Loud Headphones was formed by a group of veteran travelers. More specifically, professional skateboarders, photographers, and videographers who spend the majority of their careers away from home on the road in dirty vans, motels, and thousands of long plane rides sitting next to the crying babies and people who don’t understand personal space. We understand the importance of a loud and comfy headphone when you need it the most. Sometimes you need to tune out to stay sane! Our goal is to make headphones and various other products to use while skating, traveling and even just sitting. 

Our main objective above all else is to start something that matters.  We have integrate a charitable business model in our line and made it the foundation of our company. Not just a section or a piece of the company that can be turned on or off. The $1 donation is the platform for the company that everything else builds from. The Hear No Evil Project has became the idea / spark that has fueled the fire for us to actually make this a reality.

Loud was set-up to create quality headphones and other products that won’t break the bank. To do this, we reduced the cost of our packaging to its minimum, which allows us to spend that little extra making sure our products hit the right notes. 

We achieved this cost advantage by making it our mission to trim the fat from the start.  We are not trying to dazzle you, our consumer, with fancy packaging that can cost more than the product to produce. 

We put that cost into our earbuds from the start to deliver the highest quality headphone at a more affordable price. Our packaging is eco-friendly, simple, easy to open, and economic. 

Our products are reasonably priced for a couple of reasons. We don’t want someone to have to make a choice between buying a board or getting some music in the ear holes. The second reason is that people lose headphones as fast as sunglasses. We are confident that the price and quality of our earbuds will bring you back every time you need a new pair. 

Thank you for your support