Made In America

Handmade in L.A.
At Loud, we have taken matters into our own hands, quite literally. We are very happy to say that all our new recycled board buds are made in America! This is not only for quality control but it's also a way for us to create jobs in America.
In a over saturated market of plastic earbuds we have created something special that no other brand can offer. Each earbud is one of a kind, and made from our (amazing) team riders used skateboards.
Since we are making the headphones in-house we know exactly what's going out the door and are positive you will be impressed with the quality. We've sourced strong machine stamped cords w/mics, high quality 10mm drivers and are using extra glue and solder to make sure the buds can stand up to most anything you throw at it.
From the start, we set out to make Loud something special. Our friendship with the cochlear implant foundation, Let Them Hear, has been a life changing partnership for us. Now that we have taken this next step into production, Loud is not only something we can be proud of, but we think you as the consumer will be proud to support. Thank you to everyone who has purchased Loud in the past and to everyone who will in the future!
This is how we do it.


Start with a stack of used boards from a team rider.

Karate chop off the tails and noses. Strip off the graphics & grip.

Slap wood glue in between the boards and smash with 28 tons of pressure.

Cut the stack into strips.

Glue and clamp strips to make sheets.

Carve the buds out with our fancy new robot saw (CNC machine)

Pop the carved buds out and sand...and sand...and sand...and sand.


Spray the housings with a clear coat to make them sparkle!


After they dry, drill the holes & assemble with high quality fabric cords, full range drivers, strong machine stamped mic's, and test with Wu-Tang.


We are trying to kick all the plastic out of our packaging! It takes 450 - 1000 years for plastic to biodegrade. It only takes 2 months for cardboard to decompose.